October 30th, 2014

Good morning,

Yesterday and the day before, I worked out! Yes, with the help of Jilian Michaels Level 1 videos. I had a hard tme with controlling food…I had 2 bananas, 1 apple and 2 small oranges at work bacause I had the urge to eat (not that I was hungry). At night time, as I am used to eating something after dinner, I dint know what to do and had like 10 grapes and a cup of milk. I hate this and want to stop eating becuase I get bored or I am used to eating at that time.

Drinking water helped but I am in need of something that has taste. Hmmm…weird me!


Day 1

Hello there!,
I have been wanting to start a blog on healthy eating and workouts for a long time. I kept advancing the date as I thought I never had the time or energy to sit down and open the laptop, start writing just to pen down what my work out was or what I ate (as I never worked out or ate healthy). But, I realized the day has come when I went to a birthday part yesterday. I was so hungry and for some reason the dinner was served a little later than usual. I hogged on the food like I had not seen it for 10 years!! I came back home and regretted for what happened. After thinking for several hours and talking to some virtual friends, I thought I will start a blog on healthy eating and workouts that minute. Yes, now I have a blog, not for motivating others, but to track my own journey and to identify where I slack and slip down.
What could be a better day than today (Oct 27th) to start my first entry in the blog – This day a couple of years back was the start of the most terrible days of my life and I still feel the impact of those incidents. I don’t blame anyone but ME for allowing such things to occur to me.  So I chose today (Oct 27th) to remind me of those incidents and believe in me that with hard work I will lose weight and be healthy.
Cheers to me (with water, though). Do you remember my goal? 😀